Walls and channels Templates

This type of templates is composed of two main parts, namely :

First – the mechanical part.

Secondly –  fiberglass part .

Mechanical part

Mechanical part consists of the following parts: The front The interface main :-

  • The use of metal type Steele (37) and user specifications section of the two types is (2 “× 2”)  a  and thickness (mm 2) and (4 “× 2”) and thickness (2 mm) .
  • It was added iron geometric shapes welded outside Main interface of the surroundings. The purpose of removing the harmful stress and give it durability and strength .
  • The number of interfaces the two Main (2) similar shape and dimensions and In addition to the work being done that can be used in the work of the large columns of measurements.
  • For their large high-pressure distribution equally . When the walls contain the template or channels mixture concrete template, and it was installed metal anthropomorphic bear all the pressure, as shown in the picture.


Backings designed possesses the following important activities: – 

  • Achieve vertical justice through payment to the inside and pull outward as required .
  • Backings are designed to operate as a pillar interface template, so make them fixed and dodoes not move forward or backward .
  • Every facet of the template wall and the channel consists of five supportive, three major moving and two fixed linking the bottom of the moving predicate  .
  • Each wall is installed by integrated faceted determinants iron is made to determine the thickness of the wall, in addition to distracting all the pressure acting on the face template.