The Mechanical part :-

Mechanical Part consist of the following parts .

1- Chairs the main of equilibrium .

2- Main Bearing For Platform .

3- Main Bearing For Platform .

Chairs the main of equilibrium

  • Bear loads to some extent (4 tons) per chair for the area (3,125 m ^ 2).

  • Column chair made of metal with a high proportion of carbon .

  • Designer column consists of the industrial age, not the age of Structural civilians, and to  obtain high accuracy in the balance.

  • Main equilibrium chairs, designed a unique and easy to use method .

  • The number of chairs in the Main one platform for area (3,125 m2) is (5) rules.

Main Bearing For Platform

  • The use of metal type Steele (37) and user specifications section is (2 “× 2”) and thickness  ( 3 mm) .
  • Main bearings are designed individually for each other, and this gives them the ease prop  e  property in the assembly and movement .
  • Installation of geometric forms of steel when welded rail sections ends, to prevent harmful  stress and give it durability .
  • Her susceptibility change of height (3 m ) to (6 m).
  • The number of main bearings for the integrated group is (5) Loader .

The Main Platform

  • Main platform made of metal type Steele (37) and user specifications section is (2 “× 2”) and and  thickness (2 mm).


  • The main platform added to it geometric forms welded iron out, to prevent the harmful st  stress and give it durability.


  • The main platform strong and lightweight, this make it easy to move without the need to raise Crane.