Fiber glass System

Fiber glass System :- ( Glass Reinforced Plastic ) – G.R.P

   Fiberglass industry It is a modern industry  Especially in Arab countries . Iraq was one of the Arab countries a  leader in this field . Scientific and naming him is ( Glass Reinforced Plastic ) , Today contribute to a large extent in technology and aesthetics in the construction world wide and construction .

Iraq was one of leaders in this field of Arab States. Scientific and naming him is ( Glass Reinforced Plastic) , today contribute significantly to technology and aesthetics and as well the wide world of building and construction industry . As it is environment-friendly compounds, with its low power consumption and are used to manufacture many varieties of products. Use was common when architects, designers and end-users, and that the flexible capabilities to meet the performance and appearance, and achieve the desired beauty of it.

Qualities of ( Glass Reinforced Plastic ) :-

Qualities of Glass Reinforced Plastic)) mission that were the main reason to use it in the world of construction and construction templates and features are in the points below.

high chemical resistance to all interactions the ability, and this is what acquires strength against corrosion and erosion and environmental conditions and industrial airspace.
The first advantage achieved by the use of material ( poly esters ) resistant to chemical reactions and internal a and external layers of material (fiber) which is also the resistance of the material of chemical reactions.

possessing high mechanical resistance to all kinds of stresses due to glass fiber arming .

possessing super-soft interior and exterior surfaces. According to port is the work place .

lightweight, accounting for approximately 25% of the weight of the iron tanks with possessing high mechanical strength .

insulated electrically and thermally well they maintain the temperatures of the surrounding part .

Easy to install and easy maintenance as well design in terms of shape, color and size

possessing important characteristic not allowing the surrounding fluid permeability

Advantages of the template (G.R.P Building Templates):

First – to provide and enhance the financial side .
  •  because of the operational life of the (GRP) at least (200) Concrete casting process . This effectiveness cannot  be achieved in the wooden templates and in iron template. 

An example for clarification.

When you use a wood Blayud to implement (200) molding process , When you perform each (4) molding process at the most, you must permutation  layers of wood Blayewod because they lost all aesthetic and durability they were, and this is the reason use of old and consumption , Therefore we need to buy (50) layer to implement (200) molding process, the cost of (50)  a layer is  (1,500,000) dinars, the equivalent of ($ 420) per square meter, while that (GRP Building Templates) all structures mechanical & Peripherals its price ($ 220) per square meter .

  • template light weight making it easy to navigate it without the need for equipment and lifting me mechanisms. This in turn provides amounts a dedicated rental  lifting mechanisms .
  • template designer does not need foreign cadres in charge of the installation, training and surveillance, for ease of design.
Second – dedicated to shorthand work time templates ( G.R.P ) .
  • that light weight template and ease of installation and disassembly of the mechanical system manufacturer is the first reason for shorthand in time .
  • that the second reason is that the template designer connectivity and easy disassembly and this helps to run a large aggregates.
Thirdly – achieve scientific of side and install it through the use ( G.R.P ) .
  • to achieve more than the scientific aspect of the concrete block molded age because of maintaining the rehydration water because (GRP) material does not absorb water and also prevent the entry into force of the water from which, as well as insulating material, to the heat transfer from and to. This prevents evaporation of water and get the ideal rehydration.
  • Use of the interface ((GRP interfaces instead of wood or metal . template ( G.R.P ) concrete block very glossy more than concrete block cast in a wooden template .