About Us Company

Our company is still from sober companies in the management and implementation of ‎specialized projects in the areas of (power plants) and (transfer stations). And  projects are ‎implemented by us.
1-  Jerusalem thermal station (complementary business).
2- Baiji thermal station (complementary business)
3- Musayyib thermal station (8) units.

In addition to the partial achievement construction projects for conversion stations. For more than (16) conversion station of 132 KV / 33 KV. Of important projects . Projects of the task, which has been completed is the manufacture & Wrapping of the Ministry of Water Resources Building clips ( G.R.P). As a reminder that the templates were manufactured by our company in Iraq. All of these implemented under the supervision and follow-up business, managing director of the company . Eng Advisory : Abdul Latif Mohammed Naddar .